A natural solution for Diabetes

“The Easy And Simple Method To Permanently Cure Diabetes And Restore Blood Sugar Level”

The Best Part Is That This Method Cures all types of Diabetes…Type 1, Type 2 & Gestational Diabetes

If you would like and truly want to permanently cure your Diabetesthis is going to be the most important message you will ever read.   Don’t proceed if you can’t bring out 15 mins of your time to discover the secret to a healthy Pancreas.

Doctors predicted that i will be insulin dependent all my life, that my leg will be amputated but am happy to let you know that all these didn’t happen and as a matter of fact, am off all diabetic pills and my sugar level is perfectly okay because my pancreas is very healthy now.

Let’s be sincere… Diabetes is a Silent Killer…

Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by inherited and/or acquired deficiency in production of insulin by the pancreas, or by the ineffectiveness of the insulin produced. Such a deficiency results in increased concentration of glucose in the blood, which in turn damage many body systems, in particular the blood vessels and nerves.

Different types of Diabetes

The most common types of Diabetes are type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

Health Challenges caused by Diabetes…

Well, guess what?

There is a little-known way you can ...totally and completely… Kill and destroy Diabetes disease in your life.

  • No Matter How Many Years You Have Suffered From It…
  • Even if you are battling with diabetic wound…
  • No matter how old you are….
  • Even if it’s Hereditary…

It’s really true and, to prove it, I’m going to tell you a story. 

This story happened in a certain town in India decades of years ago. Back then, 2 persons from almost every family suffered from terrible type 2 diabetes.  Diabetes kept tormenting them until it gradually killed them.  And unfortunately, just like it is today in Nigeria…There was No Profound Cure to Diabetes… Even Most Doctors Don’t Know

    Why is it so? 

To answer that question, I have no choice than to tell you something no one wants to talk about publicly. Even most doctors won’t tell you this but, the truth is… in Nigeria now, Diabetes has no permanent cure. What most Nigerian doctors do is just place the patient on diabetic pills that only help in managing the blood sugar instead of prescribing what will detoxify the pancreas to enable it function perfectly well. This approach is so pathetic because it doesn’t guarantee total cure. This is the reason why some patient will be on routine drugs yet their blood sugar won’t get better.

However, a certain group of 4 Regenerative scientist got provoked, did intensive research and discovered… human body Regenerative Restoration Science which rejuvenates every weak or dead cell that makes up any organ.

This research show cases how organic components were used to restore billions of cells, tissues that makes up the organ responsible for handling blood sugar in the body which is the Pancreas.

How To Permanently Cure Diabetes!  

These 4 scientist became the most sort after men in that part of India. They had the key that unlocked those that were captivated by diabetes. Doctors began to hook them up to get more of that powerful eliminator of diabetes. They are the only hope for permanent cure to diabetes.   

What did these scientist discovered years ago? 

…It was a combination of organic components now scientifically processed to capsule. 

A Capsule which has been a closely guarded secret all these years.

What this Capsules Does is:

  • It  activate the pancreas to produce enough insulin and release to the blood system for proper body use!
  • It helps circulate the produced insulin through the body so as to normalize the blood sugar!
  • It gradually begins the healing process of internal and external diabetic sore in the body
  • It totally eliminates every fatty substance in the pancreas that causes inflammation in the pancreas
  • It restores the activities of blood pumping mechanism to function properly!
  • It dramatically increases the intensity of homeostatic process in the body system!
  • It totally, completely and permanently cures diabetes and restores normal blood sugar!

This wonder treatment is called Healthway Capsules and Propolis Lecithin Capsules “and it is based on a secret herbal formula that is 100% safe and natural. 

The main ingredients are Lecithin Termilius and Hyporageal that has been treated with a secret process.  It has been used for centuries by people of that part of India to correct their blood sugar and permanently cure diabetes.

And, now a Chinese biotech company which processed the discovery into capsules owns the rights to this secret formula and is selling it to the men and women of the world with…

A Full 3 -Months Money Back Guarantee

How Did I Know About This Diabetes Eliminator?

Now to my story and personal experience….

I suffered Diabetes for over 15 years…

During those diabetic days, it started with fluctuation of blood sugar level, at a point it degenerated to diabetes, I went to hospital for treatment, in the first time I was admitted for 4 days and was discharged from hospital with routine drugs to help regulate my blood sugar.

After about 2 years, the Diabetes came back with so much pain .

I was always thirsty

I was having frequent urination

I always feel tired and lethargic

Always feeling hungry

Always having wounds that heal slowly

Itching and skin infections all the time 

UN-explainable weight loss 

Headaches and dizziness all the time

I have gone to so many hospitals and pharmacies for the solution, yet no solution.

My diabetes got so bad that i developed diabetic ulcer of the leg which was later billed for amputation. I was afraid when I heard that. I’m still young, I’m 43 years how will I manage with one leg.

My wife battled with the doctor to look for any means to cure me apart from amputation , but the doctor insisted that it’s either my leg is cut off or I die in the next 13 months and he was very serious. It was that bad. After 3 days, I concluded with my wife that my leg should be cut off just for me to live.

Five days before doctor’s appointment for the amputation, my wife picked her phone and called her uncle who is a medical practitioner that lives and works in China to tell him about my condition and what is about to happen. The uncle shouted and told her never to sign for amputation, that he has a solution to it. He said in the next 15 days we will receive a package, I should use the drugs in the package, that by the next 30 days, I will be free from Diabetes permanently and my wound will gradually heal.

My wife rushed to the doctor to tell him our decision to hold on a little.

When my inlaw sent the package, it was 4 bottles of medication. I began to take it, after 3 days there was a remarkable change in my body system. After 20 days, my blood sugar marker became normalized.

I took the 4 bottles of Healthway capsule and Propolis Lecithin Capsules for 48 days, but before the 48 days, I have gotten my freedom completely.

I went back to the doctor, happy. He checked and diagnosed me, he found out that my blood sugar is now normalized, my sore was gradually closing up. He was suprised, how? It was there I knew that the doctor don’t know how to handle diabetes which is just detoxifying the Pancreas from all fatty substance and toxins to enable it function well, not substituting with insulin injection.

Thank God that today, I’m finally free from Diabetes, that drugs I took was very potent. God bless those regenerative scientists that discovered it. God bless my wife’s uncle Dr. George.

The funny thing was that the doctor asked me to help him with more of the drugs so he can use it to help others.

See what I did…

I know that a lot of people have been trapped with diabetes in Nigeria, and of course, there is no profound cure. Some Nigerian doctors don’t have the cure. And I know that this  Norland  Propolis Leithin Capsules is the permanent Cure, I did everything possible to make sure that my wife’s uncle help me import 400 bottles so I can use it to help others out of Diabetes permanently.

After I imported 400 bottle I sold to many people 4 bottles each because the best dosage is 4 bottles.

Most of them have used it on themselves, some are still using it, and see below what they said about the capsule drugs produced by the scientists that trashes and permanently cure diabetes.

1)  My name is Adukun James from Kogi State,

I started having Diabetes and high blood sugar 11 years ago, since then, I have taken a lot of drugs and injection, and I have been admitted to the hospitals several times. I have wasted and even borrowed money to cure my Diabetes, I am still in depth now, yet, no cure. One day, I saw advert on facebook, I read the advert and managed to buy the Norland, Propolis Lecithin Capsules they advertised, To my suprise, I only took the drugs for 6 days and I started seeing better results, I took the drugs for 40 days and my Doctor confirmed that I no more have Diabetes again without him knowing that it was Norland, Propolis Lecithin Capsules that cured me. It’s over 2 years now, I have never have high blood sugar again and I have never experience Diabetes again.

All thanks to this drugs and the man that made it available to me. I wish everyone suffering from Diabetes will get it.

2) My name is Aishat Audu from Abuja

My son has spent all the money he made just to see that I live, he took me from hospital to hospital to treat and cure my diabetes, yet No cure. One day he came to the hospital I was, and gave me 4 bottles of Healthway and Propolis Capsules told me how to take it. Few days, I started seeing results, before I finished taking it, I was discharged from hospital. And since then, over 12 months now, I never ever used Insulin again, my blood sugar became normal and I never experience diabetes again.

 Thanks to Healthway, Propolis capsule

3) My name is Nnamani Clement from Enugu State.

different times I almost died both in my house and in the hospitals a result of diabetes. Diabetes is Dangerous. Since it didn’t kill me, I don’t think I will die again, soon. My saviour was the drug Healthway  and PROPOLIS LECITHIN CAPSULES one man gave to me to take and pay him after using it. Healthway and Propolis Lecithin cured my diabetes completely that I paid the man double of the amount he gave me because, I have never used a drugs like it before. Now, I am free from diabetes after 9 years.

All thanks to those that made sure I get this drugs.  

4) My name is Esther Irediya writing from Lagos

 God saved me from Diabetes at last! I am just happy.

I am sure he is the one that made me see this drugs (Healthway and Propolis Capsules) God bless that man that sold the drugs to me. God used the man and drugs to save me after spending over a million Naira on hospitals and drugs that never worked. Now I am free after taking this drugs. I am just happy.

There are several other testimonies from thousands of people that have used this capsules, but because of space, this place can’t contain more.

This Healthway Capsules and Propolis Lecithin Capsules works excellently, it has restored hope to the hopeless, it has brought happiness to families and it will do the same to your family. It has permanently cured Diabetes for many people who have almost lost hope of survival.

It is natural and powerfully effective.

I am very sure you will call me back to thank me for helping in saving your life. I have been there and i know what it means to be on a special diet and always pierce your skin for insulin injection.

Are you still doubting this?

Stop doubting and get this to save yourself now, this is how I doubted and how, many other people doubted, but they just gave it a trial, they saw the magic, and now they are referring other people who has diabetes to me for their own pack. Honestly people are rushing this capsules.

This product works wonder!

See How To Use It…

Take 1 capsules in the morning, 1 capsules in the evening of Propolis Lecithin Capsules.

Take just 1 or 2 capsules of Health-way Capsules per day . Okay?

It is Easy to Get and The Cost Of The 4 Bottles Complete Dosage is ₦80,000

While the Cost of 2 bottles is #45,000

Please… Get the 4 bottles complete dosage.

You can only get 2 bottles if you don’t have the complete money for 4. But Just Try and Get the 4 bottles, You will be happy with yourself for that

But There Is a Bad News

This Natural Almighty Diabetes Capsule is remaining only 44 bottles, that is, it’s for only 11 persons, what it means is that, in the next 3 to 4 days i may run out of stock. Other Diabetic patients must have gotten them all.

And I will import another one in the next 8 month. And if I import it next 8 months, you may not see the advert as you just see this one now. You are just lucky to see this now. Do yourself this favour and get it Now so you will be free like others. Diabetes is Dangerous, Doctors don’t know the cure, they are just helping you to manage it. How long will you manage your diabetes until it finally kill?

You just have this opportunity to get this powerful capsule that will permanently cure it within the next 30 to 45 days. The Choice is yours. If I were you, I will just get it now before it finishes.

I was privileged to get this one through my wife’s uncle, and I’m giving you the same privilege to get it because I know what it takes to be on diet restriction, piercing of skin for insulin injection and all.

Just Order for it now so that it will not finish by tomorrow or next.

All you have to do is send your details now so we can send it to you at your house before it finishes.

And in the next 1 to 3 days you will receive it and then you will pay the ₦80,000 to my delivery agent.

Since this Health-way Capsules and Propolis Lecithin Capsules have been proven to cure Diabetes and normalise blood sugar permanently, and NAFDAC, FDA endorsed do you have any reason not to get it?

Well…the choice is yours.

People are using it and are celebrating freedom from Diabetes, don’t be left out.

You need to join them, get it and celebrate as well.

But please… If you don’t have the money now, or if you will not be around to receive it in the next 1 to 3 days depending on your location, don’t bother to order for it. In as much as I will not charge you for delivery, I pay for it.

Please just make sure you have the ₦80,000 ready, and you will be around to receive it before you order.

If you cannot answer calls when I call to deliver, do not order for it please

This Product is excellently and Naturally powerful. So Unique and it is for people that seriously want to cure their diabetes. Not for everyone!


”There is a Huge demand for this product. So if our line is busy, please do call us back or you just send text message or WhatsAPP our number.

Believe me, this product is so fantastic, it will worth more than whatever time and money you spend to order for it

This is an investment you are making for yourself to permanently drop your diabetic pills, stop injecting yourself and most importantly eat whatever you want to eat.

If You Order Now, Call us any time any day from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, from now till next 3 months, I will give you Free consultations on how to stay off pills after treatment with just home remedies like drinks from pawpaw leaf, aloe Vera gel, bitter leaf etc

 This is an Opportunity to Save your Life…DO NOT LET IT PASS YOU BY



How to Order Norland Propolis Capsules

How to Order Norland Propolis Capsules

But make sure you have the money with you and you can pick up your call when I call for the delivery, and will be available between now and the next 3 days to receive it.

First Name
Last Name
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